Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

Being regional brand protection provider for world-renowned FMCG and household appliances companies, our team is proud to represent and protect 30+ top tier brands not only in Ukraine, but across more than 10 jurisdictions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We safeguard brands against any kind of imitation and misuse:

  • to protect consumers’ health and safety and their trust in our clients’ brands
  • to grow our clients’ market shares, increase their profitability, and cultivate great relations with distributors and regulatory authorities.

Our recommendations skip verbose language and include only efficient and cost-/time- effective actions to protect brands, plain and simple. We do our best to frustrate and eliminate infringers’ supply chains through:

  • comprehensive market/web monitoring and OSINT research
  • rigorous online-to-offline investigations
  • superior legal and operational support
  • negotiations with infringers and intermediaries
  • systematic and compliant collaboration with law enforcement and customs authorities,

Our key targets are manufacturing facilities and warehouses of counterfeit and look-alike products. Through our efforts to gather evidence and identify criminal networks, we provide full investigation files to the most appropriate law enforcement agencies, enabling them to terminate illegal production and seize infringing products. The further legal and expert support we provide helps brand owners confirm and prosecute infringers and bring them to justice.

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